NECROCOSMOS will be officially released on Nintendo Switch

First of all, we’ve completely remodeled our stretch goals! Here you have the first four as a sneak peek at some of our new ideas for the project:

Here is a new video presenting the OMEGA MODE, hope you like it!

Also, we’ve been renegotiating terms with our publisher and good news, everyone! We’ve reached a new agreement that will grant us more freedom to release the game in other platforms. Due to this, we’ve decided to remove the Nintendo Switch stretch goal for something better. Now, the game will be officially released on Nintendo Switch when the project is funded, no stretch goal needed at all!

Keep an eye on our social media, because we’ll keep bringing you great updates through the course of the week.

Dear supporters,

We still have plenty of time left to reach our goal and we haven’t given up hope. We’ll keep working until the last second, but we need your support on social media. Please, help us spread the word!

Let’s keep fighting together!


WINDOWS DEMO v6.01 [Kickstarter Demo] (111 MB)
44 days ago
LINUX DEMO v6.01 [Kickstarter Demo] (110 MB)
45 days ago

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